Improving school technology is a continual challenge, especially when school districts are dealing with constant budget cuts and trying to keep up with the latest technology trends. This can often be a struggle for not just the IT staff, but the teachers and students. A fundamental advantage of a unified campus solution, such as the AMX by HARMAN SchoolView solution, is its scalability and ease of integration with existing technologies through the use of a unified network platform.

An educator reads to students wearing an AMX Schoolview ResQ voice reinforcement pendant which can help save the teacher’s voice by capturing and amplifying it to the back of the room as well as doubling as a campus safety feature to allow school administration to listen in to the classroom where the teacher wearing the pendant is located, in an emergency situtation.

Midland Independent School District is an innovative public school district consisting of more than 26,000 students attending four high schools, two freshman campuses, four junior highs, an alternative disciplinary campus, and 27 elementary schools. In order to provide students with a safe and interactive learning environment, Midland ISD is utilizing AMX SchoolView AV systems to effectively communicate with students and faculty, improve campus-wide announcements, and provide important safety features for staff and students.

“PA systems used to be simple—they were just for ringing the bell and telling students about school functions,” said Nick Stone, Technology Project Manager for Midland Independent School District. “Now they’ve become a teaching tool, and more importantly, a life and safety tool. With SchoolView by AMX, we can broadcast high-priority or emergency information quickly and effectively.”

The AMX SchoolView touch panel user interface provides school administrators with a simple way to access and view a campus’ unified control system and the ability to make adjustments and view status of any of the systems at any time.

Midland ISD utilizes the ResQ Voice Reinforcement feature to amplify teacher’s voices using IR microphones and speakers, which reduces distractions, increases participation and improves classroom behavior while protecting the teacher’s voice.

Midland ISD uses the SchoolView Bell & PA feature to allow staff to quickly make announcements using a simple, intuitive interface. Emergency audio messages can be sent to all locations with the touch of a button on the control panel or mobile app, ensuring effective communication in critical moments.

Midland ISD also employs the Campus Wide Audio feature in one of their auditoriums, which allows them to control the projector, multiple inputs and auxiliary outputs while streaming board meetings.

AMX NetLinx Central Controllers have the ability to monitor and manage all school classroom and facility systems and environmental controls.

“The best part about using SchoolView has been working with AMX and HARMAN,” said
Stone. “They’re always willing to hear our feedback. They go above and beyond to address
our requests. I think that’s why I like the system so much—it can literally evolve with our
needs. I’m very happy with SchoolView—I wouldn’t pick any other product.”

A campus with a unified control solution is a campus that becomes future proof to advancements in technology. We also want to remind you that should you have questions or need support on education or other projects, feel free to reach out to anyone on the HARMAN team, we’re always ready to help.

Visit the AMX by HARMAN SchoolView site to explore all of the possibilities that a unified campus platform can offer as well as a list of contacts with the HARMAN SchoolView team to learn more.

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