The HARMAN Professional Solutions Networked AV & Technology Roadshow kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia, September 12th and has criss-crossed its way across the US with a total of 18 show stops in September and October and a 19th stop that will close out the tour in Phoenix in December.

Mark Wilson, HARMAN Professional Solutions North American Marketing Manager has attended several stops on the tour and has had a chance to chat with many of the attendees. I caught up with Mark at the second to the last stop on the tour at Whitlock’s Vibe Roadshow in Dallas, October 30th to get his take so far:

LS: “Hey Mark, thanks for taking a few minutes to talk with us. You’ve been to a bunch of cities on the tour. What’s the consensus been? What are attendees curious about and what questions are they asking?”

MW: “No problem Lane, happy to share – overall it’s really been a great tour. We met with so many technology managers looking to find something different, something better, but most importantly, something that really meets their needs when it comes to networked AV. They want to see what our products can really do for them up close and personal. And that’s just what we’ve been giving them – the personal touch. Not only are they able to really evaluate the facts and see the product at work with live video feeds but they can go further to learn about AMX’s deep expertise in networked AV and go through our broad portfolio to evaluate the options to build a system that’s just right for them.”

LS: “So Mark, one thing we’ve heard from some of the attendees is their appreciation that our events are staffed with networked AV experts that really know what they are talking about. How important is this for attendees visiting the show?”

MW: “Great question Lane. The focus of this tour from the beginning was to get out there and engage with the people who really want to better understand networked AV. We knew they had questions and it was our job to get to them with the right answers regarding what networked AV is capable of and what it isn’t. The people that know these products inside and out are on hand at our booths to answer any question you can throw at them. Ensuring we get the right information out there is incredibly important. We want every visitor to fully understand what networked AV is all about and how AMX’s industry leadership can help any business partner deliver the ideal solution to any customer base.”

LS: “So what was one thing that surprised you most about the tour or someone you met on it?”

MW: “I guess I’d have to say that I was surprised at how many attendees we met from all kinds of applications, but mainly corporate and Higher Ed technology managers, that are either totally new to networked AV and starting from square one, or if they are using it, are really just scratching the surface on the possibilities that a networked AV infrastructure can offer their company or campus to connect their rooms and get content distributed cleanly and efficiently, using their existing network infrastructure. That’s the one I get a ton of “oh wow” and “really?” responses on. They still can’t believe that the standard network infrastructure they already have installed and in place can do exactly what they need just by selecting the right encoders, decoders and other networked AV gear for their needs and budget. We’ve visited nearly 20 cities on this tour and it looks like there are still many more people to share this message with but no worries, we’ll get it out there.”

Ensuring that anyone interested in learning more about HARMAN products has the most accurate information to make informed technology decisions is not only a cornerstone of our 2018 tour, it’s one of our ongoing customer commitments. We believe in providing the facts that can then be used to evaluate the marketplace. We can afford to do this because we’ve been building networked AV solutions longer than anyone else as well as building a portfolio that can meet just about any need or requirement.

One attendee who visited us at the St. Paul, Minnesota TechXChange event on October 2nd shared his appreciation for HARMAN’s commitment to sharing the facts: “I install a lot of university classroom technology and I’ve been looking at a variety of technology options for networked AV. I’ve been watching some of HARMAN’s videos and reading some of their papers and I appreciate the way they are clear and straightforward about latency concerns. I never realized that zero latency is a myth, it’s not possible with networked av. I also didn’t realize that the human eye doesn’t even notice typical latency. I also want to buy from someone that has a solid track record with networked AV and like that they have a ton of product options – for instance we have some applications that will be fine to stream HD quality and don’t need 4K. With that kind of added ROI capability, from what we’ve seen so far, HARMAN looks to be an all-around good fit for us.”


The 2018 HARMAN Networked AV Technology Roadshow finishes up in Phoenix on December 4th and stay tuned we are working on plans for our next roadshow and will get the details out as soon as they’re available.

If you’re looking to discover the truth behind the only true leader in networked AV, make plans to attend. We’ve also done our homework and have a library of networked AV planning and design resources, always available, with everything you need to know to better understand the potential of networked AV. Should you have any questions about networked AV or anything else, we’d love to talk, just let us know.

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