Today, we are continuing our HARMAN Innovator Series by looking at Bernhard Pinter, a fan of big instruments (you should see his tuba!) and designer of tiny-yet-powerful audio components. Bernhard joined AKG in 1998, working with the R&D team to develop loudspeakers for cell phones manufacturers such as Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola, and others. The rise of the iPod was around this time, and sound reproduction was becoming a real differentiator for phone manufacturers. After five years with the cell phone team, Bernhard took his experience and knowledge of miniature high-performance sound reproduction to a new level. He is now Senior Engineer, Acoustics, and is responsible for acoustic tuning of headphones and dynamic microphones.

In a short time, Bernhard became the specialist for high-end headphone and ear-bud development. Not only is he the mastermind behind AKG’s most recent ground breaking headphones, including the industry standard K812 and K712 premium reference studio headphones, and Quincy Jones and DJ Tiesto signature series headphones, he also set new high-end standards for miniature headphone transducer technologies.

One of Bernhard’s most outstanding patents was awarded for the integration of a balanced armature transducer into the sound channel of dynamic transducer element. This patent is the foundation for AKG’s industry leading K3003  in-ear, 3-way headphones. It’s safe to say that the Bernhard’s work with the K3003 reference class earphones have completely reset the benchmark in in-ear audio quality. By pioneering the combination of one dynamic and two balanced armature drivers in each earphone — known as HYBRID TECHNOLOGY, AKG has created perfectly balanced 3-way earphones delivering a sound experience that’s like being center stage at a live concert.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bernhard’s passion for great sound comes from his own deep-seated love for music. A versatile musician, Bernhard has played the bass tuba in a variety of orchestras and bands over the years, including the Band of the Guards Battalion Vienna as part of the Austrian army, the Orchestra of the district Bruck a.d. Leitha of Lower Austria, and various marching bands and other ensembles in his local Carnuntum district. Bernhard also plays organ and piano in a few blues and rock bands. He began playing music at an early age and credits his love of music as the foundation for developing an interest and a career in sound reproduction and music technologies.

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