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8 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Podcasting or Production Studio

As we head into fall, many content creators are turning their focus toward podcasting, recording, livestreaming and other studio productions. Perhaps you’ve been working guerilla style, relying on your mobile phone or the tools that came with your computer to capture and create content. If you’re ready to take your audio productions to the next

4 Ways to Unleash Your Creativity In the Studio With Hybrid Analog/Digital Consoles

Choosing the right console for your studio is a big decision. But with so many choices out there, we know it can be tricky to figure out which model or style is right for your needs. At Soundcraft, we’ve been innovating console design for nearly 50 years; our mixers range from the ultra-compact Notepad family

8 Ways to Go From Songwriting to the Stage With Soundcraft Ui Series Digital Mixers

Most music makers and content producers would agree that their mixer is the hub of their creative universe. Whether you’re recording, broadcasting or performing live, mixers, at their simplest, all perform the same basic functions: Input audio signals, route and combine audio signals and send those audio signals back out again. Of course, most mixers