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Pro Perspectives: Top Studio Engineers Share Tips and Tricks for Perfecting Mixes With Lexicon Effects

Reverb is the great mix lifter: It adds drama and definition to your tracks and creates a sense of space in your soundstage. It’s both a corrective tool and a creative tool, and when masterfully applied, it adds depth, warmth and definition, and can transport listeners to just about any concert hall on the planet.

5 Ways to Make the AKG Lyra USB Microphone the Center of Your Creative Universe

As we all find ourselves spending more time at home these days, studio rigs are doubling as videoconferencing, podcasting and live-streaming tools. When you’re considering new studio gear, it makes sense to focus on versatile tools that excel in any recording scenario. The AKG Lyra Ultra HD multimode USB microphone delivers professional-sounding audio for all