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Bring Clarity to Transportation PA Systems with Beam Shaping

Sprawling, noisy transportation facilities such as airports, bus and train terminals present difficult public address challenges for sound system designers. With long hallways, large echo-ridden rooms and many reflective surfaces, it takes a good understanding of acoustics, sonic energy flow and current technology to deploy an effective and intelligible sound system. The purpose of any

How AV Technology Addresses These 5 Corporate Communications Trends

Recently, AVNetwork wrote an article addressing 5 major trends worth watching in the field of corporate communications. In the post, author Greg Lennox covers a number of important factors that define effective corporate communication, from a good user interface for apps and intranet sites to authentic attitudes and engaging content. In his words, Lennox lists

3 Types of Security that AV Systems Encounter in Higher Education

There’s a wide range of meanings that can be ascribed to the word “security” in higher education. From IT security to physical security to safety and emergency response, many disciplines fall under the term “security.” Schools typically address these issues in an overall operational security policy, which dictates the overall security posture of the organization.