Delivering the Best Live Sound Experience for Indoor Spaces

Download this essential planning guide for designing and deploying audio systems in indoor spaces.

The types of indoor spaces that require sound reinforcement systems can range anywhere from a corporate boardroom to a large theater or performance space. Like fingerprints, every space is different, making each a unique challenge to ensure everything sounds great. In this workbook, learn the fundamentals of sound technology, and how to leverage these systems to provide the best sound possible for any space.

You will learn:

  • How to design for the best audio experience, addressing the full audio spectrum and maximizing speech intelligibility
  • Selecting proper equipment, including loudspeakers, microphones, DSPs, and more.

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Sneak Peak

“Even with the advent of affordable signal processing and built-in feature sets that would leave our AV pioneers speechless, there are still situations that require mighty planning and a well thought out strategy. These scenarios can often be found at the intersection of old and new. As in a really old building, and a seemingly non-conforming space used by the client—and one that may not have even existed when the building in question was erected! Having designed dance club systems in historic bank buildings, aerobic spinning studios in converted glass greenhouses, and high-impact contemporary church music systems in spaces that were designed for longer reverberation times—meant to enhanced choral and organ music—nothing should surprise us. But occasionally, The Laws of Physics as tested by a demanding client can do a pretty good job.”