Imagine a commercial loudspeaker solution that not only raises the bar for performance, reliability and value, but is also versatile enough to meet the changing needs of a wide range of hospitality applications. From clubs and resorts to cruise ships and sports venues, the JBL Professional AE Application Engineered Series has become the trusted standard for delivering legendary sound in the world’s most iconic venues.

The AE Series has continued to set and beat its own benchmarks for client satisfaction for decades and that legacy continues today. Employing the latest precision loudspeaker technologies with an engineered systems approach, AE loudspeakers are continually evolving to transform the user experience and remain one of the most specified installed loudspeaker solutions for clubs, bars and restaurants throughout the world.

How do AE Series Loudspeakers ensure industry-leading customer satisfaction?
Integrating the most advanced transducer technologies and building a portfolio that addresses the unique needs of a very diverse market have become series cornerstones. For example, AE AM7315/64 and AM7315/95 are three-way, full-range models that can be either bi-amplified or tri-amplified to adapt to the needs of the designer or client. AE AM7212/64 and AM7212/95 are high power, lightweight, 2-way models that can be bi-amplified or operated as a full passive system – again easily pivotable to customer needs. The AE AL7115 is a single 15″ low-frequency module, designed to work with AE AM7212 models in a low-profile array application, where a full-range three-way system is preferred.

The JBL AE Series ASB7128 Dual 18″ Subwoofer delivers extreme low frequency performance, including peak-to-peak maximum excursion of 89 mm (3.5″).

The AE AM7212 and AM7215 model lines consist of nine models comprising two additional horn coverage patterns of 60° x 60° and 120° x 60°. All models utilize JBL’s patented Differential Drive® dual 3″ voice coil and dual gap woofers. The high-frequency section features a 1.5″ exit, 3″ diaphragm 2432H compression driver. For precise directivity control, all models come with large mouth rotatable Progressive Transition™ Waveguides.

When it comes to pushing extreme, low-frequency response, AE engineers created a new paradigm. AE subwoofers include ASB6112, ASB6115, ASB6125, ASB7118 and ASB7128 models. JBL’s patented Differential Drive® dual-coil and dual-magnetic-gap lightweight woofers are at the core of this line, providing high power, low distortion, extended response and excursion.

Amplifying the Benefits
System designers often spec AE loudspeakers for their tonal quality, power response and sustainability. This has resulted in thousands of AE installations installed in clubs, bars and restaurants, hotels and resorts, post-production studios, universities and theatres – if it’s a commercial install, chances are there’s an AE Series loudspeaker, somewhere in the world, that has supported it.

What has made the AE series so popular is its ability to seamlessly complement elegant venue aesthetics and ensure truly balanced coverage. But it’s AE sound quality that transforms the user experience.

India’s Urban Foundry needed a system that could sound great even with the highly reflective surfaces. An array of AE Application Engineered Original loudspeakers and subwoofers were ideal for the system. Check out the case study.

Ensuring Coverage and Clarity: AE Application Engineered Original Series
Designed to be versatile enough to support a broad range of applications from restaurants and bars to clubs and music venues, the AE Application Engineered Original incorporates signature JBL acoustic innovations like Differential Drive® transducer designs and CMCD™ (Cone Midrange Compression Driver) technology. Along with unprecedented durability and a systems approach the AE series was built to exceed the expectations of discriminating designers and their clients.

“Based on the design, our integrator recommended Application Engineering (AE) series loudspeakers… we’re extremely happy with the results. They’re easy to use and specially engineered for permanent installations, with a wide selection of models incorporating the latest loudspeaker technology. Plus, they’re easy to tune as needed.” – Kapil Thirwani, Partner at Munro Acoustics. Learn more.

Diversification: How the AE Expansion Series Covers Even More Scenarios
The AE Expansion Series was developed to ensure that every install could benefit from AE Series functionality and performance, regardless of budget limitations. It includes eight unique systems and all models are equipped with multiple M10 attachment points. Installation-friendly features, a superior grille design and bold system appearance make this series ideal for countless indoor environments.

The AE Expansion Series includes six two-way, full-range systems and two subwoofer models.

  • The AE AC895, 8″ 2-way and AE AC195, 10″ 2-way utilize a 90⁰ x 50⁰ rotatable waveguide
  • Two 12″ 2-way full-range systems – AE AC266 and AC299, as well as two 15″ 2-way full-range systems, AE AC566 and AC599, with two new waveguides provide coverage patterns consisting of 60⁰ x 60⁰ and 90⁰ x 90⁰
  • Accompanying the six full-range systems are two subwoofers, the AE AC115S, a high-output single 15″ subwoofer, and the AE AC118S, a high-output single 18″ subwoofer system
  • The full-range systems include fourteen M10 suspension points and four M8 mounting points, offering a myriad of wall-mounted application possibilities. The subwoofer models include 12 M10 suspension points.

AE Expansion models also give system designers the flexibility to support diverse architectural requirements. Available in both black and white textured coatings, these models include U-brackets and wall-mount brackets for all full-range models, making this series a great choice for a wider range of projects.

AE Series Compact Models: Even More Applications
As an additional extension of the AE Series, the AE Compact family includes high-output, 2-way loudspeaker systems combining enhanced flexibility with high fidelity.

“I am very happy with what the compact JBL AE Series AC28 speakers and ASB6128 subwoofers,” said Aashish Mahindru, Consultant, AM Integrated Solutions. Go to the RYU Case Study.

From a single 5.25″ point-and-shoot speaker to dual 8” loudspeaker systems, AE Series Compact Speakers support many additional specialized expectations of designers and users.

To deliver extraordinary sonic clarity, the ultra-compact AC15 and AC25 models are equipped with a 1″ dome tweeter, while the AC16 and AC28 models feature 1″ exit compression drivers. In addition, the AC18 and AC28 are designed with JBL’s Progressive Transition™ rotatable waveguides, offering the system designer, a choice of coverage patterns of either 90° x 50° or 120° x 60° configurations, enabling both vertical and horizontal orientation of the loudspeaker enclosure.

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