The Sopo Del Office Towers and Lifestyle Center is a mixed-use development located in the capital city of Jakarta, featuring office spaces, premium retail stores and a lavish hotel. The complex consists of a massive 41-floor tower, a smaller 28-floor tower and a shared Lifestyle Center. Sopo Del’s architecture and design showcases an interpretation of Indonesia’s ulos heritage and value, representing bravery and strength.

Originated by the Batak people of the North Sumatra region more than 4,000 years ago, ulos is a traditional cloth, typically worn draped over the shoulders, used in a number of important Indonesian ceremonies and traditions including weddings, funerals and more. Over time, the interwoven ulos design has come to represent a symbol of love, tradition and society.

Martin Exterior Dot -HP

In order to accentuate the buildings’ ulos-inspired design with immersive lighting, Sopo Del hired leading lighting and acoustic consultants PT LITAC to deploy a cutting-edge lighting display. To accomplish this task, LITAC designed a HARMAN Professional Solutions lighting solution consisting of class-leading Martin Exterior Dot-HP fixtures.

“We wanted to emphasize Sopo Del’s ulos pattern and height,” said Hestu Widinugroho, LITAC. “This was done using Martin Exterior Dot-HP LED fixtures and linear up-light systems with warm white color, giving a continuous flowing effect from the body to the crown of the building. The dynamic Dot-HP fixtures accentuated the diamond shape of the building, making for an exciting overall visual experience. One of the challenges our supplier faced during the installation was the placement of the Dot-HP fixtures in their precise locations while protecting them from exposure. We are thankful to the team at Martin Professional APAC for being so helpful in programming and achieving the perfect solution for the building’s façade.”

LITAC designed and deployed a total of 510 Martin Exterior Dot-HP RGB fixtures on the exterior of the Sopo Del buildings, illuminating their ulos-inspired design and iconic architecture. Dot-HP fixtures offer class-leading brightness with 100 Lumens per unit. With rugged IP66 housing, Exterior Dot-HP fixtures are able to withstand harsh weather, making them ideal for permanent outdoor installations. Their innovative design allows for long fixture runs with variable pixel pitches, enabling a wide variety of unique looks. Driven by the Martin P3 System Controller family, Dot-HP fixtures are easy to set up and operate. The system was connected using 12 Martin RDM 5.5 Splitter units.

Sopo Del Office Towers

“We required a lighting solution that could highlight the architecture’s cultural motifs,” said a spokesperson for Sopo Del Office Towers and Lifestyle Center. “Since the foundation of the building is based upon the ulos heritage representing bravery and strength, we wanted the lighting systems to reflect this design feature. The solutions we received from LITAC and HARMAN have certainly met our expectations and have brought out the true grandeur of the building along with our country’s heritage.”



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