VIDEO PLAYLIST: Understanding the AVL Signal Chain

As those of you who follow the Insights blog know,  we’ve been reviewing the AVL signal chain and exploring the different elements it includes. The AVL signal chain looks at how audio and video signals go through audio, video and light processing, and then are sent through hardware and network-based distribution to various outputs. The entire process is then controlled by user interfaces and managed by automation. So far, we have covered:

While we’ll have more posts on distribution, output and control in the coming weeks, today, we would like to share a set of videos that explain the overall process entitled, “Understanding the AVL Signal Chain.” The video series is in three parts:

Part One: What is Integrated AVL?

This video explains what AVL is and why the current approach to AVL system designs is often problematic.


Part Two: From Source to Destination

Continuing on from Part One, the second video explains how signals from audio and video sources are processed and distributed to a number of different outputs, and discusses how the systems are interconnected and work together.

Part Three: Controlling AVL

The final video answers the question, “How is the AVL system controlled?” The video looks at both manual control methods and automation, revealing how a hybrid approach connects and manages the entire AVL system.

Do you design AVL systems? Share your insights on how to get the most out of an integrated AVL solution in the comments.

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