What is the ideal commercial lighting package for an entertainment venue, typically in motion, facing the toughest weather conditions, including extreme sun, wind, rain, salt, mist and vibrations? When it comes to outfitting luxury cruise ships with the latest innovations in entertainment and architectural lighting, Martin has the perfect solution for meeting these uniquely stringent requirements and ensuring a mind-blowing experience and ambiance in every corner.

The Martin team exceeded their goal of utmost customer satisfaction and raising the bar for excellence with the delivery of the Celebrity Beyond Cruise Ship installation, featuring hundreds of the newest and most popular Martin products. It was no easy feat and Martin lighting professionals were eager to tackle the project.

Celebrity Beyond’s talented team of trend-setting and ambitious professionals needed a technology partner that could not only provide top-of-the-range, one-of-a-kind lighting but also offer an experience and reliability like no other. This included creating radical nighttime and daytime visuals that continuously change and pleasantly surprise guests with something fresh every hour. By combining dynamic visuals and peaceful evening ambiance, the team also ensured that even when the lights were off, they appeared sleek and visually pleasing.

We talked with Morten Gjotz, Global Sales Director of Cruise/Marine and Theme Projects for HARMAN Professional Solutions, about the technology that was implemented and the partnerships at work to bring this truly unique luxury cruise ship lighting installation to life.

Morten, what can clients expect when partnering with Martin on large projects like Celebrity Beyond?
It’s mutual trust and respect that creates and continues the partnership. Martin has an incredibly proficient technical team and is wholly committed in every region to supporting clients in all stages of the project. We bring decades of technical expertise in assisting clients with the best possible outcome to meet their diverse technical and creative needs.

We also work hard to execute our clients’ ideas into practical, long-lasting solutions. Martin invests in partnerships for the long term and our team is committed to executing projects to the highest standards with our partners. Our multi-national team gives our clients peace of mind that they will receive the highest possible care throughout their project and continued support long after the sale. Our partners can feel confident in the technologies we offer which are backed by our generous global warranties and support programs.

What was the inspiration behind the Celebrity Beyond lighting project?
The team at Celebrity Beyond wanted unique art and movement, not just a video wall and a basic rig. The solution combined entertainment and architectural lighting visuals that created completely different experiences throughout the day and night, from the walk along the deck to the pool to the restaurants and theatres and beyond.

Tour the Iconic Celebrity Beyond Martin Lighting Cruise Ship Installation

You’ve been a part of many amazing projects, what stands out most from the Celebrity Beyond installation?
Celebrity Beyond’s unbelievable Pool Deck Pyramid Wall is a truly unique attraction. It is a creative custom art solution that was developed from a vision the client had to create a lightbox within each of the unique pyramids to make the wall come alive in color and light. The wall features 440 Martin Exterior Linear Quad Graze fixtures illuminating 188 individual pyramids that utilized PMMA-mounted extrusions. The Exterior Linear’s integrated color boosting feature was an important tool for delivering full-powered illumination of a single color or mixed colors, as well as segment control which offers tremendous versatility, featuring high output with discreet yet robust housings. Delivering uniform light distribution, Exterior Linear fixtures are perfect for highlighting textured surfaces, walls, facades, ceilings and other surfaces.

How will Martin support and maintain the Celebrity Beyond installation?
Per Martin’s commitment to delivering impeccable client service and support, Martin trains Celebrity Beyond’s onboard lighting technicians to ensure that installed equipment is inspected, cleaned, and serviced with precision.

Martin provides all necessary online and offline technical support resources, including 3D exploded-view technical drawings so that onboard technicians can easily identify and order the correct parts to streamline repairs should they ever be needed.

Additionally, Martin offers its clients peace of mind with an invaluable global warranty and five-year availability guarantee on all major spare parts once a fixture has been announced as discontinued. Warranties also only begin once the ship becomes operational and sets sail, not when the product was purchased/installed.

How does Martin back up its warranty and recommendations?
Martin maintains an industry-leading product testing and verification program to ensure its solutions maintain long and extensive lives to deliver maximum return on investment. For example, a variety of Martin Exterior fixtures have been supporting cruise ships over the past 20 years, facing many extreme conditions, including sun, salt, mist, wind, vibrations, and power fluctuations.

What technical features were most important for the Celebrity Beyond team?

  • Martin VDO premium creative video pixel solutions and Martin P3 Control – The Celebrity Beyond Team appreciated the ability to add creative elements to theatres and venues, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Fixtures with multi-purpose features such as  Martin ERA 600 Profile – The ERA Profile has an extra rotating gobo wheel which offers a wide selection of gobos to create more looks. This is ideal for entertainment spaces needing to be multi-purposed so that repeat guests, attending different shows every other night, are still offered new looks, new gobos for different shows and different lighting designs. This variation to create unlimited new looks to transform spaces is what helps to make entertainment on Celebrity Beyond truly remarkable.
  • Martin Aura PXL’s capability to deliver outstanding eye candy and create various shapes, from a tight, high-intensity, narrow beam to beautiful wash fields, incorporated into a compact and lightweight package. MAC Aura PXL offers a multitude of applications and is also the first wash light on the market to feature individual pixel control for main beam pixels and Aura backlight with full control. And when using Martin’s creative P3 video protocol, the opportunities are endless.

Martin partners are selecting Martin fixtures as the new industry standard, and choosing from our range because we offer a world-class solution package, including global support and servicing. This is critically important for lighting designers because they can expect that even many years later, their design still works well and looks just as good as it did on opening night. Guests continue to receive the exact same visual experience because the fixtures have lasted as a result of the infrastructure, effort, commitment, and support from all the partners involved.


Get to know many of the Martin products installed on Celebrity Beyond, including technical details, specifications, videos, and more:

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  • Special thanks to Celebrity Cruises and the Celebrity Beyond team. Without Celebrity Beyond’s talented team of experts, we would never have been able to get involved in this exciting project. Thank you for your comradeship and teamwork, we value our partnership and look forward to many future projects together.
  • Also genuine thanks to Videlio HMS and Videlio FUNA for their major contribution, support and outstanding talented team and engineering efforts to make it all happen.
  • Christopher Vlassopulos, Manager of Newbuilding Sound & Light, Royal Caribbean Group
  • Ben Cooling, Lighting Project Lead, Celebrity Beyond
  • Harvey Powell, Celebrity Cruises, Manager Technical Operations, Entertainment
  • Luigi, Celebrity Beyond Cruise Director
  • Tania Ordonez, Entertainment Technical Director, New Build Celebrity Beyond
  • Derek, Entertainment Lighting Operator, Celebrity Beyond
  • Simon Harry, Lighting Designer
  • Hilton Jones, Producer & Lighting Designer, “Elements” Show