The battery-powered JBL EON ONE MK2 packs an eight-speaker array, digital mixer, effects, Bluetooth and app control into a compact column PA system that can be carried with one hand. We checked in with HARMAN Application Engineer Herman Suparman to learn about the acoustic innovations and artist-friendly features in this all-in-one sound system.

The battery-powered JBL EON ONE MK2 packs an eight-speaker array, digital mixer, effects and Bluetooth into a compact PA system that can be carried with one hand.

JBL has introduced a few new sound systems recently. Where does the EON ONE MK2 fit into the JBL PA family?
The EON ONE MK2 fits perfectly in the small portable PA category. The typical user might be a busker, musician, educator, fitness instructor, corporate presenter—anyone who desires a powerful acoustic solution that’s also truly portable.

Let’s dig into the back story. What need did you see in the market and how did you approach designing a system that fills that need?
Our customers needed a reliable, battery-powered solution with a mixer capable of supporting more than just a microphone and a single instrument. They needed effects that were high quality, and not just functional. In the test and validation phase, we verified that the effects met the standards of our customers, sharing them early with key strategic partners and bringing their feedback to product management to implement changes in real-time.

With column PAs, form factor is so important. What kind of decisions go into optimizing acoustics for this style?
Acoustics are always the primary focus. With the EON ONE MK2, we needed to ensure that the low-frequency response met our specifications. Our product management team was very keen on finding ways to meet that goal without impacting how the speaker performs as you turn it up.

The EON ONE MK2 features some interesting acoustic innovations. Tell me about the benefits of its unique C-shaped array.
It’s a geometrically optimized array of eight 2-inch drivers. This design provides smooth, even coverage—both horizontal and vertical. This means predictable, accurate sound, no matter where the audience stands; the C-shaped array really excels here.

The woofer is built right into the cabinet; can you tell me about the dual-port bass reflex design?
This design feature was important because it helps to reduce air noise as well as noise from the cabinet itself. It all amounts to very natural, musical-sounding bass without a significant amount of unnecessary air. And, housing both the amp and the woofer in the base helps stabilize the system.

This system includes a 5-channel mixer and several effects that help users dial in their signature sound. Tell me about some of those effects and presets, and how Triple Tier DSP can help performers stay in their comfort zone.
It’s all about ease of use. Soundcraft mixer experts designed EON ONE MK2’s mixer to have a really natural, streamlined workflow. And, we include a few really convenient functions like Soundcraft Easy Ducking, which is a go-to for presenters and fitness instructors.

Triple Tier DSP offers beginner, intermediate and advanced control. Users can load commonly used presets or even build their own presets and recall them every time they need them. Advanced users can start from scratch with full access to all of the effects parameters. The possibilities are endless.

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dbx DriveRack technology is built in. How much experience do people need to make the most of features like parametric EQ and Automatic Feedback Suppression?
DriveRack is designed for a user-friendly experience. Most of it can be controlled by the app, making it so much easier to operate using a mobile device. But the system also has an LCD screen interface that provides access to all control parameters and presets.

One of the great things about the EON ONE MK2 is it can run for several hours on its battery. Can you give me a sense of what real-world battery performance is like?
If you are powering your wireless mic via the USB port or charging a mobile device, the battery can last from four to five hours, depending on the weather and temperature at your location. But we also offer a spare battery that can be purchased separately, which extends battery life for really as long as you need it.

The typical user might be a busker, educator, fitness instructor or presenter.

EON ONE MK2 has a pretty robust power package. Let’s talk about the Variable Power Performance feature and how it optimizes performance for both AC and battery power.
Only so much can be done acoustically when you’re using battery power. We’ve kind of maxed out that performance at 119 dB. But if you don’t actually need to leverage the battery for portability, the system will optimize the power amp section to provide you with another 4 dB of headroom, up to 123 dB max SPL.

The JBL Pro Connect universal app offers control over every function of up to ten systems. Can you give me an example of a typical use case for this functionality?
One application for this is a small rental company that sets up a PA for a conference in a mid-sized hotel function room. With the ability to control up to 10 units, the company can use the EON ONE MK2s as main left and right and multiple delays deployed in the room, using the app to control levels, EQ and delay time from the mains to all of the delay secondary speakers. In addition, musicians, karaoke houses, DJs and others can take advantage of the app to dial in settings from the perspective of the audience. This allows them to provide the best experience.

Last question: This whole system clocks in at just 42.5 pounds! How were you able to get down to such a light weight?
Our product management team built the cabinet with a composite material that uses polypropylene and talcum, which increases the rigidity of the plastic while also reducing its overall weight. This is great for your back, but also for acoustic performance, as the more rigid cabinet helps provide a better overall low-frequency extension.

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EON ONE MK2 is Backed by an Industry-Leading 7-Year Warranty
In addition to the powerful fidelity and features inside the EON ONE MK2, it’s also covered by an unprecedented 7-year warranty effective from the original receipt date of purchase. This warranty is a product of JBL’s continuous dedication to quality components and testing that includes a standard 100-hour acoustic stress test, a battery of aging and drop tests and a wide range of stringent, global electronic testing and certification procedures. Note: The warranty applies to all product components except batteries, which continue to include a robust, three-year warranty. Learn more.

If you are interested in speaking to a JBL solutions expert to learn more about the EON ONE MK2 or any other assistance, please contact your JBL Representative or fill out this quick form and someone will contact you.