We are extremely proud to share that this week we reached 100 Learning Sessions!

In March, the live entertainment industry started to crumble as a result of the pandemic. Tours were canceled, stages and theaters went dark, and the people who make the audio and lighting magic happen were suddenly unemployed. We knew that HARMAN needed to quickly take action to help our friends and partners in the industry. In a matter of weeks, we put together a webinar series that allowed us to offer an outreach of financial assistance as well as a platform for industry experts to share their knowledge.  The Learning Sessions workshop series was born.

In the first four months of the Learning Sessions workshop series, we were able to hold 100 sessions, hosted by over 50 industry presenters, from around the globe. In addition to our industry presenters, 26 HARMAN employees also hosted. We are not only truly grateful for our program presenters, but also to the tens of thousands of attendees, who have participated by joining live or by watching the recorded replays.

As we celebrate the presenters and attendees who contributed their talent and time, we invite you to watch this video for a look back at some memorable moments along the way, as well as spotlights below from our JBL, Martin, Soundcraft, AKG, AMX and Studer Learning Sessions.

Watch: ‘Setting up a Vocal Template for Recording with Tiffany “Delilah” Miranda’.

JBL Spotlight Session: ‘Setting up a Vocal Template for Recording with Tiffany “Delilah” Miranda’
Tiffany “Delilah” Miranda is an Avid-certified engineer, recording artist, producer, DJ, and founder of ‘Girls Make Beats’. This webinar offers tips and tricks for using Pro Tools, including how to set up a vocal session template and recall effects chains. From the session: “Beyond any challenge I face in the recording studio what has really created opportunities for me was the fact that I became efficient with quick keys. If you can save time, you can save your clients money.” Watch the replay.

Martin Spotlight Session: ‘Color Theory for Concert Lighting Design with Craig Rutherford’

Watch: ‘Color Theory for Concert Lighting Design with Craig Rutherford’.

Led by lighting designer, Craig Rutherford who has extensive experience as a Technical Director, Touring Lighting Director, and Production and Lighting Designer – this webinar offers an exploration of color theory for concerts and a practical discussion of the use of color in shows. From the session: “What I hope to accomplish with this session is to give aspiring designers a more nuanced understanding of the physiology of colors and some of the theory of color and aesthetics and put that information into practical terms…Watch the replay.


Watch: ‘Career Paths in Audio Mixing with Leslie Ann Jones and Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato’.

Soundcraft Spotlight Session: ‘Career Paths in Audio Mixing with Leslie Ann Jones and Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato’ 

In this webinar, Grammy-winning Recording Engineer, Leslie Ann Jones, and expert Touring Concert Sound Engineer, Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato, compare and contrast their career paths and clientele, highlight the different skills needed for each, as well as describe basic skills that all mixing engineers need. From the Session: Leslie: “Talking to the artist about what their vision is, really informs a lot of what I do. That pre-production conversation is extremely important.” Michelle: “You’ll always have a night where things aren’t sounding like you want them to and what I’ll do is I’ll start on one end of the desk and just solo up everything one at a time and try to find out where something is off…” Watch the replay.

Watch the AKG Learning Session: ‘Miking Techniques for Stage & Studio’.

AKG Spotlight Session: ‘Miking Techniques for Stage & Studio’
From microphone basics and selecting the best mic for your application to learning how to mic vocals or instruments on stage or in studio, this crash course will have you sounding like a pro in no time. From the Session: “As we mic up an instrument or a vocalist, we have to remember that the diaphragm of that microphone is sampling a very small amount of air – only a few inches away from the source so we’re not capturing the entire picture from where that diaphragm is…”  Watch the replay.


Watch: ‘Network Design – It’s Effective in a Top Down Approach with Kyle Barron’

AMX Spotlight Session: ‘Network Design – It’s Effective in a Top Down Approach with Kyle Barron’
This webinar examines design methods using the industry’s top networked audio-visual systems and how a top-down approach can provide optimal results. From the Session: “Network design is the key to a successful install and most importantly, the customer’s experience. If you might be thinking, “I’m not a network engineer so this doesn’t apply to me…” you may want to think again…” Watch the replay.

Watch: ‘Studer Vista 1 Parts 1 & 2 with Dávid Rikk and Mihály András’.

Studer Spotlight Session: ‘Studer Vista 1 Parts 1 & 2 with Dávid Rikk and Mihály András’
Part one offers an introduction to the Studer Vista 1 console, approaches to live mixing, as well as a discussion ranging from the role of local show support to the importance of making your own show files. Part 2 focuses on two key features of the Studer Vista 1 console: Groups and Snapshots. From the Sessions: “When you are with a band and you arrive at a festival, you will often have to mix on a locally preset Desk that is already setup with a pre-made festival patch…” Watch the replay.


The engagement, feedback and gratitude for the first 100 Learning Sessions has been incredibly heartwarming to us and we are thankful to everyone that has contributed in some way.

We are excited to continue this series through the remainder of 2020 and throughout 2021 and we look forward to having you join us for many more sessions as well as checking out our library of recorded sessions .  Cheers to 100 and YOU!

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