For over 75 years, JBL Professional has been at the forefront of uncompromising loudspeaker engineering and warranty innovation and maintains one of the most stringent product testing and verification programs in the industry. This underscores our commitment to developing next-generation hardware and software platforms and leading-edge practices to ensure superior integrator and user experiences.

At JBL Pro, we believe our products should meet or exceed their maximum service potential, in both sound quality and reliability. That’s why our solutions are engineered and tested to perform above and beyond conditions typically faced in the real world and for professional-grade product lifetimes.

Let’s take a look at some of the rigorous technologies, engineering practices, testing methods, and warranties that go into and support JBL Pro products, specifically its Portable PA lineup, before being deemed exceptional enough to support a wide range of professional audio applications.

Leading-Edge Standards

“Ensuring that a loudspeaker will continually perform to spec for one hour or 10 hours may be a reputable standard for some manufacturers but JBL Pro has always been committed to next-level engineering and testing.”

Smarter Design and Materials
JBL loudspeaker systems are engineered smartly inside and out to utilize materials that combine durability to resist the rigors of the real world and rigidity to ensure impeccable performance at peak sound pressure levels – all while maintaining a smart size-to-weight ratio to ease transport and installation. JBL Pro’s PRX900 Series Portable PA components, for example, are housed in strong, lightweight cabinets that maximize both acoustic performance and durability.

Cabinets are constructed from a polypropylene talcum blend that’s optimized for rigidity with a computer-modeled internal ribbing design that improves both strength and acoustic performance. PRX900 Series subwoofers are enclosed in 18-millimeter birch cabinets with optimized bracing that smooths low-frequency response. These cabinets also feature Duraflex coatings for superior durability.

Next-Generation User Experience with the JBL Pro Connect App
Ensuring loudspeaker systems are extremely simple to configure and manage is part of JBL’s commitment to a streamlined user experience. An example of this commitment is the JBL Pro Connect App, available for Android and iOS. This universal control application opens up a world of possibilities for hands-on control over a full suite of mixer, DSP, and Bluetooth features for select JBL Portable PA loudspeaker systems, including EON700 Series, EON ONE MK2, PRX900 Series, and PRX ONE.

Explore the JBL Pro Connect App for select Portable PA loudspeaker systems.

The app includes all of the tools mobile professionals need to easily customize their sound, including setting volume levels, adjusting EQ, activating Lexicon reverb and effects and dbx Digital DriveRack signal processing, customized ducking, saving and recalling presets, and much more. Additional details.

Progressive 100-Hour Stress Test Program
Ensuring that a loudspeaker will continually perform to spec for one hour or 10 hours may be a reputable standard for some manufacturers but JBL has always been committed to next-level engineering and testing. That’s why our loudspeakers are put through an industry-leading 100-hour stress test of all components to ensure they’re built to perform flawlessly in real-world scenarios. Night after night, show after show, year after year, JBL integrators, designers, and users can rely on mission-critical reliability no matter what the application. Learn more.

Comprehensive Testing Standards
To further ensure unwavering performance, JBL products endure a barrage of exhaustive in-house testing procedures. We put our products through a comprehensive array of tests in simulated conditions of UV exposure, extreme temperatures, seismic activity, aging, drop tests, and exacting global electronic testing and certification procedures, making them resilient to the elements, transportation, and a wide range of possible confrontations. Learn more.

“Like every JBL product, PRX900 Series loudspeakers undergo an industry-leading 100-hour stress test of all components to ensure systems perform flawlessly in real-world scenarios.” Watch and learn more about JBL Pro PRX900 Series Powered Portable Loudspeakers.

Linear Spatial Reference (LSR) Technology: 360 Degree Measurement Precision
JBL’s LSR technology is utilized to ensure a more precise listener sound field. It measures systems in a 360-degree field around the loudspeaker, enabling the entire system to be engineered for consistent response of all direct and reflected sound at the listening position. While many manufacturers use a single on-axis frequency response measurement taken at one point in space, JBL measures monitor systems over a sphere that encompasses all power radiated into the listening room – in every direction. This data reflects 1296 times the information of a single on-axis response curve. Learn more.

Innovative A/B Comparison Evaluation
Since room position vastly influences the perception of a speaker’s sound to the listener, critical A/B comparison evaluations require that every speaker being judged is positioned in precisely the same spot in the room. As no solution existed to provide the capability to rapidly swap pairs of speakers into position, JBL manufactured the only known ‘Speaker Shuffler’, a computer-operated device that physically swaps pairs of speakers in just 3 seconds to ensure more accurate A/B comparison evaluations. Learn more.

Industry-Honored Engineering
JBL’s engineering, design, and technical staff are some of the most well-respected in the industry. Because of our longevity and success in innovating loudspeaker products and technology, our engineering and design teams have won a range of awards and accolades from leading associations like the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the GRAMMYs, and the Audio Engineering Society (AES), among others. Learn more.

Unprecedented Warranty Support
JBL Pro is committed to superior quality, performance, and reliability. Select JBL Pro Portable PA products are backed by an unprecedented, industry-leading 7-year warranty(3 years for batteries), including EON ONE Compact, EON700 Series, EON ONE MK2, PRX900 Series, and PRX ONE. All other JBL Pro products include robust standard warranties.

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