The integration of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) into JBL Pro Portable PA Systems maximizes the capability to deliver a true stereo listening experience without the limitations of wires or cables. This is accomplished via Bluetooth streaming of a selected audio source to JBL TWS-enabled speakers. In this article, we’ll explore why TWS is ideal for getting the most out of professional portable PA systems.

JBL TWS-enabled speakers empower mobile professionals to enliven the room with a detailed stereo image.

TWS is now included and immediately available at no additional charge via firmware upgrade for JBL EON ONE MK2, PRX ONE, and EON700 portable PA systems. TWS is already an included feature with EON ONE Compact speakers.

We had a chance to sit down with Brandon Knudsen, product manager for JBL portable PA loudspeakers to get his insight on the integration of TWS into JBL speakers and how users can best utilize TWS technology to maximize portable performances and presentations.

Brandon, can you elaborate how the integration of TWS into JBL portable PA systems began?
Part of our plan for all JBL Pro Connect-enabled speakers has been to push out new features over time to help ensure enhanced product relevance and value. We really think being able to stream Bluetooth audio in stereo at this level of performance is a game changer. Once we started rolling TWS out in our first models, we could see the market responding positively. It was just a really simple way for singer/songwriters, DJs, houses of worship, fitness instructors, and similar pros to instantly elevate their soundscape when using JBL TWS-enabled portable PA speakers.

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How would you describe TWS audio quality compared to a wired connection?
At the peak of the limitations of Bluetooth, there will always be a degree of trust issues and latency. There currently is simply no substitute for a wired connection. But Bluetooth used in this fashion can at least perform near the standards one would expect and typically, in good conditions, produce a well-defined stereo image.

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For on-the-go performers and presenters, how will TWS enhance the portability advantage?
JBL portable PA systems are ideal for any scenario that mobile pros can dream up. Our speakers are easy to transport and simple to set up in any location – even those without a power source. When using our JBL EON ONE MK2 as well as future select JBL TWS-enabled battery-powered PAs, there really isn’t anywhere they can’t plug, play and go and now in stereo.

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Being able to include TWS with these systems just widens the number of applications available. From a wedding reception on a remote island to an impromptu DJ set in the desert to a rooftop karaoke contest, TWS stereo now offers professionals the ability to up their game both sonically and portably.

Which JBL portable PA loudspeakers are available with TWS streaming?
EON ONE MK2, PRX ONE, and EON700 professionals just need to update their firmware via our JBL Pro Connect App for iOS and Android to take advantage of TWS streaming. Professionals using EON ONE Compact systems are already enabled to stream TWS audio. We look forward to hearing from our users about their unique applications utilizing TWS streaming to benefit their business and enhance the listening experience for their users.

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