Bluetooth wireless technology was first conceptualized in 1996 when leaders from Intel, Ericsson, and Nokia, met to plan the standardization of a short-range radio technology to support connectivity and collaboration between different products and industries.

Bluetooth technology has proven to be one of the most successful communications developments of the modern era and over 7 billion Bluetooth-enabled devices are expected to ship annually by 2027.¹

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The launch of Bluetooth initiated a wireless connectivity revolution, uniting devices and elevating the user experience. Yet, the high energy consumption of early Bluetooth versions spurred the quest for an efficient alternative, leading to the development of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), starting with Bluetooth 4.0.

BLE, a standard for low-power, short-range, and sporadic wireless data transfers, received widespread adoption across various product categories. Its unique blend of energy efficiency, convenience, and compatibility has become the wireless connectivity standard for billions of devices.

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What sets BLE apart as the wireless communication standard for JBL Pro portable PA speakers and systems? Here are FIVE of the top reasons:

1. Expanded Wireless Control & Configuration at Lower Entry Points
BLE has empowered the ability to expand and offer wireless control and configuration to a wider spectrum of devices and systems, than would be possible with Wi-Fi and other more complex communication technologies. This has allowed JBL Pro to significantly expand its portable PA portfolio to grow and support the evolving needs and applications of mobile professionals.

2. More Efficient Data Transmission for Better Audio Streaming
BLE is optimized for short bursts of data transmission, which aligns well with the typical requirements of audio streaming in portable PA systems like JBL Pro EON700 Series Powered Loudspeakers. BLE’s intermittent connectivity features and optimized data transfer play a pivotal role in ensuring high-quality audio streams and an overall enhanced portable PA operating and listening experience.

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3. Lower Power Consumption For Longer Performances
BLE is designed for low power consumption, making it a far more suitable wireless technology for professionals that often require the convenience of battery-powered, mobile portability like those utilizing the JBL Pro EON ONE MK2 All-in-One Rechargeable portable PA system.

Using a low-energy wireless technology like BLE conserves power which in turn extends system operating time. So whether you’re DJing a wedding on the beach, holding a fitness class in the park, or debuting your latest single on a rooftop, BLE low-power consumption can significantly enhance the presentation and performance experience for operators and listeners.



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4. Optimized for a More User-friendly Experience
With BLE technology, the set-up and pairing process of PRX900 Series and other JBL Pro portable PA speakers is typically simpler and quicker than previous generations to establish a connection. Heightened user-centric experiences are able to widen the mobile professional market up to many more individuals of increasingly varying technical backgrounds. Kicking off your band’s performance or your house of worship’s sermon no longer requires much more technical knowledge than that held by the typical mobile device user.

The JBL Pro PRX ONE delivers a stunning 130db max SPL, with consistent front-to-back throw, thanks to its custom-engineered 12-tweeter column array.

5. Minimized Latency and Optimal Synchronization
Operating at the standard 2.4GHz frequency, users of BLE-equipped speakers typically experience minimal latency as well as optimal synchronization between devices. JBL Pro portable PA systems like the PRX ONE All-in-One Column PA deliver consistent and dependable connectivity to accommodate varying usage scenarios, from supporting a corporate town hall meeting to an outdoor picnic.

In a continually evolving technological landscape, BLE’s adaptability to support a wider range of emerging devices and standards makes it a technology poised for monumental growth as it is typically more affordable, efficient, and user-friendly than competing wireless technologies.

Whether supporting the performances of singer/songwriters, buskers and DJs, enhancing the atmosphere at house of worship gatherings, empowering outdoor education classes, or boosting the impact of presentations and meetings, JBL’s portfolio of BLE-integrated portable PA loudspeakers and systems is future-ready to support more mobile professionals in delivering longer-lasting, better sounding and easier-to-manage performances and presentations.

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