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AKG K371 Over-ear, closed-back, foldable studio headphones

The reviews have been pouring in, and the AKG K371 over-ear, closed-back, foldable studio headphones are a hit! Striking the perfect balance between professional-grade sound quality and consumer fit and design, the K371 delivers the acoustic performance for audio production applications with a comfortable, stylish and portable form factor. Check out the rave reviews below to hear from people who have experienced and tested the K371’s amazing sound and durability first hand.

From the Review in: Forbes

“The AKG K371 headphones set the standard for affordable studio headphones. They are superb with probably the best-balanced sound I’ve heard in any pair of wired headphones almost at any price.

At this price, the AKG K371 are genuinely hard to beat and they set the standard for affordable studio headphones that other manufacturers will have to follow. Oh… and they also sound pretty good hooked up to a smartphone.” – Mark Sparrow

From the Review in: MusicTech: K371 Scores a 9/10

“As it stands, these do deliver the accuracy that AKG’s Reference Response Curve promised… If you want the absolute truth then they will deliver, but more as a polite nudging, and with a little bounce for more joyful sessions. All this, combined with a great price, makes these hard to beat.” – John Andrews

From the Review in: Medium

“The AKG K371s offer perhaps the best price/performance ratio I’ve ever witnessed in terms of raw audio accuracy, and are my new personal pick for critical listening, and my new comparison standard for other models as I write reviews going forward.

They’re exceptionally flat and neutral-sounding. The bass response is well extended, but tight, clean, and precisely accurate to the source. There’s just a little extra fun in the lowest frequencies that only really comes out in more aggressive material, but the sound maintains precision and bass never bleeds into the midrange.

The midrange is delightful. This is where a large chunk of music lives, and vocals in particular have a realistic, “live-sound” vibe and tone on these headphones. There’s no sharpness, or scooping, or other obvious common flaws.

With the right material, you’ll feel like the band is playing directly for you.”- Alex Rowe

From the Review in: MajorHiFi

“Overall, the AKG K371 are a great value at $149! They are built super well, have great harmonic complexity, and impact. Additionally, they have a nice sense of extension and soundstage, especially for their price point.” – Steph Durwin

From the Review in: Headphonesty

“The K371 headphones are some of the best closed-back headphones you can find under USD $300. They are arguably the best if you value portability, isolation and tonality.

Compared to the best open-back headphones below $200-300, most closed headphones have major shortcomings; usually poor isolation, disappointing sound, or inconvenient bulkiness. The K371 doesn’t have any of these issues” – Jean Mouchet

Watch AKG K371 YouTube Reviews:

Video Review from: metal571

“This is one of the most important closed-back headphones that have come out in years. It’s also the first headphone that specifically mentions in its data sheet that it’s targeting the HARMAN frequency response curve, and that’s not the only reason why it’s so good. It has a combination of decent detail for the price, the bass has low harmonic distortion, soundstage is ok for the price as well, but it’s a headphone that you don’t have to equalize.”

“As far as I’m concerned, from what I’m hearing from the AKG K371, this is THE standard for a closed-back headphone at this price. Anything under $200, this the headphone you want to compare it to.”

Video Review from: Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews

“When I saw the price tag for the K371 I was very confused, and when I listened to I was even more confused. $150? Really? It’s made by a reputable brand, has a great termination for future customization if you want and the quality is really nice for something in this price range.”


Video Review from: Cinema Sound

“First of all, the K371 headphones are really, really comfortable. They feel great and you can wear them for hours. Secondly, these are really good for being on set, for recording and for voice overs because they have a little bit of high-frequency help and some beautiful high-definition low end.”

Video Review from: Noisegate

“Ideally suited for music producers, content creators, podcasters, studio tracking and mixing, and of course general listening, the K371 is a no-brainer.”

We thank you for reading and checking out the reviews. Stop by your local music retailer to experience the K371 for yourself, or visit AKG.com for more information and to purchase your very own pair.

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