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HARMAN Professional Solutions provides best-in-industry audio technology for professional broadcast applications.

Tech Talks: Best Practices for Broadcasting Within an Organization

Welcome to Tech Talks, where we delve into issues pertaining to audio, video and lighting (AVL) technology with industry thought leaders. In today’s edition, we’re speaking with Paul Krizan, Corporate Solutions Manager at HARMAN Professional Solutions, about broadcasting live video presentations within an organization. Before joining HARMAN 10 years ago, Paul worked in telecommunications. He

Orchestrating Light with Designer Mike Baldassari

With a career spanning 30 years of lighting for theater, rock ‘n’ roll shows, television, film and almost any other medium you can imagine, Mike Baldassari possesses an inexhaustible enthusiasm for the diversity of his work. A Tony Awards® – and Emmy Award – nominated lighting designer, Mike easily shifts from concerts, like Phish’s Madison Square