Geezers of Gear podcasting live from the Martin booth.

At this year’s Live Design International tradeshow in Las Vegas, we had the pleasure of meeting with live production professionals from all around the globe to demo some of our latest products. The Martin booth featured non-stop giveaways, product raffles and even a daily live podcast recording of the Geezers of Gear podcast, which included interviews with several top lighting designers. We would like to thank everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to stop by and chat with us.


The Martin demo room captivated visitors at LDI.

Thousands of people visited our product demo room, where we showed off the new ERA Performance Series moving lights.

Also featured were the MAC Allure Profile, which made its debut in 2018,  and the MAC Allure Wash PC and VDO Atomic Dot fixtures, which launched earlier this year.





The Martin ERA 400, 600 and 800 Performance fixtures and ERA 500 Hybrid IP outdoor fixture offer powerful, versatile and cost-effective solutions for entertainment and rental applications, covering everything from the smallest stages to the largest live productions and events.

The powerful and feature-rich ERA Performance fixtures all offer full CMY color mixing and separate color wheels, plus an iris for beam adjustment and a full curtain framing system. Fixed and rotating gobo wheels loaded with user- favorite gobos from the renowned MAC range offer a wide variety of effects. The ERA Performance Series’ full curtain framing system offers lighting designers a high degree of flexibility to achieve precise looks on stage. Additionally, the entire system can rotate, allowing designers to direct light exactly where they want it to go and achieve unique movement effects not otherwise possible.

ERA 800 Performance

At 34,000 Lumens and 800 watts with a 1:8 zoom, the ERA 800 Performance is the brightest moving-head light in Martin’s history and is designed for the largest arena and stadium productions. Additionally, the ERA 800 Performance features variable CTO for color temperature adjustment.

ERA 600 Performance

The 550 watt ERA 600 Performance is a fantastic option for medium-sized shows, putting out 19,000 Lumens with a 1:8 zoom. The ERA 600 Performance also features variable CTO for color temperature adjustment.

ERA 400 Performance

Ideal for small-to-medium productions, the ERA 400 Performance is available in CLD and WRM variants, both with a 1:3 zoom range. The 10,000-Lumen CLD version features a 6,500K color temperature, while the 5,000-Lumen, 3,200K WRM version emulates the warmer color temperature of tungsten fixtures.

ERA 500 Hybrid IP

The ERA 500 Hybrid IP is a fully outdoor rated moving-head fixture featuring a highly efficient 370W Philips lamp with a superior 6000-hour lamp life. The all-in-one optics design features an amazing 1:20 zoom and multiple projection modes, including “beam” for tight or wide coverage, “spot” for projection of gobos, or “wash” for a softened light effect. The ERA 500 features CMY color mixing and a separate color wheel, including CTO, ½ CTO and ¼ CTO.

With nine rotating gobos, 15 static gobos and two prisms, lighting designers have a myriad of options to achieve any combination of mid-air effects, pattern projections and prisms. The ERA 500 Hybrid IP packs a suite of class-leading features into a compact design with an IP65 rating, making it a reliable workhorse fixture for concert tours, festivals and outdoor events, even in inclement weather.

“The release of the new Martin ERA fixtures ushers in a new era of versatility, enabling lighting designers to create bigger, bolder and more creative lighting displays than ever,” said Mark Buss, Martin Lighting Product Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “These streamlined, no-nonsense LED fixtures give rental companies tremendous power, value and trusted Martin performance. They’re bright, compact and loaded with in-demand features that lighting designers love.”

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